In 2015 Jim Steranko accepted an assignment to create promo art for a TV series called Agent X. Some of this art was posted by Steranko (@iamsteranko) on twitter. Steranko commentary follows images.

RED LINE appears across screen and sections into BARS, which elevate into progressive stairs.
AX appears screen right, runs rapidly up steps, beginning close to viewer and receding into distance at top.
As he climbs, an ADVERSARY in CU moves UPWARD into view from frame bottom--followed by TWO OTHER FIGURES.
(Editorial Note to AD: I gave the trio of assassins max dangerous character, rather than bland guys in suits--suit yourself!)
Trapped in the upper left corner, AX turns as they brandish weapons--and draws a gun from his shoulder holster.
The THREE LARGE FIGURES wield automatic weapons and aim at him. AX fires first (red gunflashes and sound FX).
The trio convulse from his slugs, and slam into the cam, filling screen.
A BLOOD SPLATTER flashes momentarily on screen, which goes white when cam pans down.
A RIVLET OF CRIMSON drips into the frame.
LINE OF BLOOD rolls down into frame, then is flanked (at different lengths) by TWO OTHERS--and still ANOTHER.
As they roll downward, they widen as cam moves into CU. They become evenly spaced and symmetrical.
As BARS, they revolve DIAGONALLY, as cam pulls back to reveal MORE BARS--which begin to flutter and wave.
RECTANGLE OF STARS appears in upper left corner. Cam zooms into one of the stars, which almost fills the frame.
A subsequent flutter (simply a diagonal wipe) turns the screen black.
Three RED STEALTH BOMBERS instantly enter frame bottom left and streak toward upper right.
In unison, all maneuver into roll position near top right corner, execute turn--zoom rapidly toward viewer (sound FX)
-- until screen turns red.

And if that didn't put you to sleep. here's quickie:
Back view medium CU of shapely WOMAN pulling dress zipper down. She allows the dress to fall around her waist--
--and beckons someone off frame, while her other hand brandishes a HIDDEN GUN that swings into frame.
FOUR BLACK TRIANGLES wipe inward, creating the X icon, then an all BLACK BACKGROUND.
Large, crimson LIP PRINT appears and a line (not unlike a drop of blood) drips below it--and out of frame. Cam follows to next scenario.

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