Steranko Talon Art Gallery

Steranko created a barbarian hero for Marvel Comics named Talon. Marvel rejected Steranko's concept and Jim planned to publish Talon on his own. Although that graphic story has yet to materialize, some great drawings were produced, including the ones presented in this gallery.

The first known drawing of Talon.

The only known painting of Talon.

Talon from Steranko Portfolio I.

Talon was sometimes referred to as Talon the Timeless...could there have been a space connection?

Talon from Fantastic Fanzine #11

Talon from Fantastic Fanzine #11

Similar to the Fantastic Fanzine art but unpublished

Steranko produced this poster as a bonus insert in an issue of Mediascene.

Talon from Witzend #5.

Talon from Witzend #5.

Talon from Witzend #5.

This was originally published in MEdiascene as a Conan drawing.

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