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An illustrated review of the Steranko Nick Fury Agent of Shield Artist's Edition Vol.1 by Michael Hawthorne.

View some of Steranko's finest works from the COMP stage to the fully COMPLETED versions.

Promo art for TV series Agent X.

Steranko's presentation art for the Shadow comic book

Concept art for the cover of Nick Fury #1

Steranko's original Thongor art for Creatures on the Loose #22

Steranko Escapes

Repent Harlequin, said the Ticktockman - Steranko, Unrepentant by Matt Seneca and a portfolio of Steranko images

Steranko Screensavers

Spiderman Marvelmania poster - ReMastered

Hulk Marvelmania poster - ReMastered

Centerspread of Cap #110 - ReMastered

Cover of Cap #111 - ReMastered

A selection of Steranko's most inventive comic book pages

Steranko's Comic Book character creations for Harvey Comics: Spyman, Gladiator, Sorcerer, Spacewolf and Future American

Some of the drawings Steranko contibuted to fanzines Comic Crusader and Champion

Steranko turned his talents toward painting paperback book covers as his gig at Marvel Comics was winding down in 1969

Steranko nails the Spider in the second volume of pulp reprints

Pre-production paintings for Raiders of the Lost Ark

The pencil composition sketch for Hercules

The painted Hercules cover

Steranko's Colour guides to his last Marvel Comics Story

Steranko's WW I flying ace The Black Angel

A really bad western guy

This western hombre first appeared in Steranko Portfolio 1

The black and white and colour versions of Mr. T

Steranko's interpretation of Jean Giraud's Arzach

The completed version of the Steranko cover for a new Pulp reprint of The Spider

The definitive Nick Fury

The Art of Weird Heroes Volume 1

The Art of Weird Heroes Volume 2

Steranko's deco Batman

The cover to a book of stories by Clifford Meth.

Steranko's famous Hulk Annual #1 cover re-drawn!

An image from Captain America #113...possibly the finest Captain America comic ever illustrated.

Visual Theory: A review by William T. Ayton

Steranko recognizes the power of kindness in Julie Award acceptance speech

Steranko's tribute to Wally Wood in black and white and in colour + the redrawn version

My favourite Steranko cover

Steranko's experimental single page graphic story from Comixscene # 3

Steranko produced a number of covers for Marvel Comics in the early 1970's, which were poorly printed. When I saw the originals in 1974, I was stunned by the beauty and brilliance of these works.

The cover of this game book later became a newly coloured cover for a convention programme.

Steranko produced a concept for a science fiction series for Marvel Comics to be called O'Ryanns Odyssey. Marvel rejected the series as too far-out. Here are some of the character sketches.

Working with Harlan Ellison always seemed to bring the best forward as this illustration from Amazing Stories demonstrates.

One of Steranko's Theatre of Concept characters appeared on the cover of a game book.

This is the stunning cover used on an oversized French edition of Steranko's Nick Fury stories.

Steranko produced a glow-in-the-dark poster for a Chef-boyar-dee promotion of the X-Men. Jim utilized his famous laws of action, but inked it in a 90's style. This is the B&W version.

Steranko was asked to re-paint some of the Shadow series...these hard to find paperbacks were among the finest paintings he did of The Shadow.

Steranko was a card magician in the early 1960's and a book of his card magic was published in 1960. Presented here are some of the very imaginative chapter headings from Steranko on Cards.

An Australian trading card company was issuing a Phantom card series and made Steranko an offer he couldn't refuse. Jim produced this magnificent painting.

In the late 1950's Steranko was an escape artist. In a 1964 issue of Genii magazine he detailed his escapes in a 50 page article entitled Steranko's World of Escapes. Presented here are some illustrations of some imagined escapes.

The rare experimental front and back cover on the Victorian special edition.

The last completed Steranko graphic story, The Exile at the Edge of Eternity from Superman #400.

Original cover art for Western Gunfighters 14.

Kabuki: Steranko's most sublime painting.

Collage as comic book art.

This perfect black and white image was taken from the French edition.

Steranko's creative process revealed on the Scorpio Shield covers.

Steranko meets Dali in this dream sequence.

Steranko's version of Catwoman.

Pencil versus Paint

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